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Sri Lanka is a country with a history where a large number of kings built their empires and cultures around the cities. The traces of this rich culture and the civilization are still evident in the ancient cities and the “Explore the Grandeur” tour is designed to give you the opportunity of exploring this rich culture.
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Sand under the feet (Beach Tour)

Sand under the feet is our beach tour which is designed to let the beach lovers explore the exotic beaches with golden crystals for sand while giving the opportunity of engaging in a number of sea sports and games. The little pearl of the Indian Ocean is envisioned by golden beaches and they are ideal to sea bath under the warm and vibrant waves of the sea. This tour package lets you enjoy the exotic Indian Ocean.
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Step into the wild (wildlife Tour)

Sri Lanka has an array of wild life scope where the tourists can observe a myriad of birds, wild animals, reptiles, rare species of wild flora, reservoirs, lakes, rivers, mountains and all the god created nature to give you a world of novel experiences. Our specially designed wildlife tours include a number of destinations where you can have the ultimate wild life experience.
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